[open width bleaching dyeing printing and finishing production line] [dyeing-sizing machine and post treatment eqdipment for denim] [[sampling machines] [lnspection machinepackaging machine] [caustic recovery equipment for mercerizing] [Rotary heatexchanger] [cell machinery] [other one]

Ping of drift 、Dyeing 、India After sorting equipment and
DSB131 from the joint planning drift
LMC151 rapid cloth sword mercerizing machine
PDB131 dyeing grounding planes
LPD301 steamed washing machines
LWD201 grey plane
LSO351 stereotyped plane
LSM501 advance classes plane
LSM40 Sizing machine

Mix Ransha joint aircraft and cowboy cloth after sorting equipment
LDS401 dyeing & sizing machine
LSWS901 cowboy cloth after sorting machines
LSS361 Lafu plane

Medium and small prototype
PWDS650 kind of a version of the hot dyeing
LPM601 small plane hit cars hit edition
LPS601 small steamed boxes plane hit edition
LPS-1000, kind of plane steamed

Cloth, cloth packaging machinery
LBR701-cloth plane
RIR701 from roll-cloth plane
LIR701-volume machines, cloth

Mercerizing spent Jianhuishou equipment
LSM101 Singeing machine
LWD201 Washing machine
LMC151 Clip mercerizing machine
LMR151 Roller mercerizing
LSM501 Rubber shrinking machine
LSG351 Heat-setting stenter
LSC801 Vertcal sanding machine
LSG351Heat-setting stenter
LSC801 Vertcal sanding machine

Rotary kiln heat recovery device

Module plane
Ransha steaming box
5, 6 water tanks
9, 10 water tanks
MC8 tanks
2 2 tons of aluminum car roller
Two 5-ton aluminum roller car
3 5 tons of aluminum car roller

Other products
Dust collection device
Feeds boxes
2 roller machine to China
Three roller machine to China


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