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   This unit machine soaks for the fabric rolls over using of the liquid. May control the fabric through the adjustment cylinder pressure size the belt liquid volume, thus achieved the fabric textile fiber and the outside carry on the liquid exchange the goal.

Main technical parameter
Vehicle    Leaving:     Left hand vehicle or right hand vehicle
Nominal width:    2000mm or 1800mm
Drive type:    Exchange frequency conversion actuation
Maximum speed:      100M/Min
Compression form:     Air cylinder
Biggest line pressure:   2 Ton
Passive roller diameter:    ø250mm
Driving roller diameter:    ø225mm  
External dimensions: (Long X width X high) 400mmX3215mmX1900mm (2000mm gate)
                     (long X width X high) 400mmX3015mmX1900mm (1800mm gate)
Highest working pressure:   0.4Mpa


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