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This washes the water tank for the fabric desizing, the washing water using of, may remove the fabric surface pulp, the contamination effectively and floats the color.
Main technical parameter:
Vehicle    Leaving:    Left hand vehicle
Nominal width:    1800mm
Maximum speed:     100M/Min
Puts on the cloth form:    Guide roller type
Rong Buliang:    30 meter
Twitch roller diameters:  150mm  75mm
Water consumption:   Approximately 3 T/H
Vapor amount used:   Approximately 350Kg/H
External dimensions: (Long X width X high) 1610mmX1940mmX2500mm
Structure and characteristic
Washes the water tank to become by the high quality stainless steel manufacture, ability each chemistry goods corrosion. Uses φ150mm the diameter twitch roller, may guarantee the fabric surfacing not corrugation. The next twitch roller uses the high quality mechanical seal, on the twitch roller bearing lays aside in box body exterior, causes the bearing to exempt the high temperature and the moist corrosion, facilitates refuels the lubrication, lengthens its service life. Between the twitch roller axis and the box body uses the high quality silica gel leather cup and “O” the seal packing collar, the reliability is good, the service life is long. The laundering or the desizing craft reproduction quality is extremely good.
①   The fabric crosses, cleaning solution adverse current. The fabric enters since the washing water bottom of a chest, crosses the movement from bootom to top in the guide roller between. Under will wash the water tank exit contamination density lowest cleaning solution as soon as with the pump, after the soft drink mixer heating, will escort to the box to go against the downward flushing, and will flow by the adverse current way after each fabric. Because crosses the movement the fabric in the guide roller between the multi-change movement direction, causes to go against the downward flushing adverse current from the box the cleaning solution, flows the function taking advantage of its birthplace, can many times from the pro and con penetration fabric, be repeatedly advantageous on the cleaning solution full adverse current and the fabric the cleaning solution exchange, the water consumption are few, only washes the efficiency to be high.
②   Under base fluid, but also has the direct steam pipe heating. In the trough the cleaning solution may approach under the atmospheric pressure the boiling point water temperature. The highest application temperature may achieve 95℃. Adds the atmospheric pressure fluid seal to wash hotly. Washes the water tank basic seal, the fabric import uses the hydraulic packing. Besides uses the soft drink mixer heating flushing the cleaning solution, may make the fabric textile fiber after the trough heat to inflate, the pulp and the contamination are easier to strip and the clean. Uses controls the warm installment control to steam the air valve automatically the switch,the operating temperature may precisely establish in advance.
③        Soaks rolls over. Washes in the water tank to be loaded with small meets the sink, φ75 the small bowl and fixes in the box body small polishing roll. The fabric is meeting the sink to soak many times. Each φ75 small bowl and fixes in the box body small polishing roll all has certainly pushes the fluid function, therefore the fabric is soaking rolls over only washes with in the cleaning solution clear muddy divergence situation. The laundering or the desizing technology capability is extremely good.
④   Low water level, small bath ratio. The washing water bottom of a chest department big cleaning solution tank liquor surface altitude 250㎜, the capacity very is only small; Small meets the sink the capacity then smaller. Therefore, the cleaning solution renews quickly, is advantageous on the fabric the pollution impurity to the cleaning solution proliferation


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