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Regarding the majority of wet processing profession, like India Dyeing industry, the food industry, the leather making industry, the distillation and the paper industry, its energy cost often accounts for the production cost the proportion to be very big, but these industries use the energy 30%-50% is approximately goes the direct platoon to the drainage ditch. Therefore in order to recycle effectively majority of the energy which wastes, attains saves the cost the goal, LOKS specially designs and makes set of automatic clean heat interchangers, and introduces a series of technical innovation.
Principle of work:
The LHE580 heat recovery uses the stainless steel material manufacture completely, mainly constitutes by a fluid bath and a rotating disc canon. The pure water walks likely in rotating disc axis its interior the labyrinth -like circulation, smears the liquid to pass in the fluid bath. The micromotor impetus disc rotation, produces the grain class, thus solves is smeared questions and so on liquid agglomeration blocking.
Designs specially the disc will receive as far as possible smears the liquid the channel enlargement in section, the heat interchanger garden convolution produces a different product lives the wave, namely will enhance the heat transfer efficiency, simultaneously the wave will have the centrifugal force to avoid the pollutant deposition.


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