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Equipment introdction

Loks BWD401,a well known rope dyeing machine, is made by HK Loks textile machinery company. Until now we are still the key supplier for those demanding buyers in HK and overseas. Accumulated with 30 years of manufacturing experience our product are perfect,price competitive, productive ,super quality, and user friendly.With lots of know how gained over the last several decades we are able to solve and serve our clients to solve their problems immediately.
Tract number: 12 18 24 32 36
Speed: 6~36M/mi
Padder pressure: 10T
Total box: 19
Pretreatment box: 3
Dyeing box: 12
Washing box: 4
Oxidation length: 40m
Steamer: 1(optional)
Drop rope: 8×3Group
Drying cylinder: 3×12Set
Motor power: 110KW


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