Loks textile Machinery Company.and its sister company delta engineering limitedextablished in 1976. isone of the leading manufacturer of textile finishing machineryin Hong Kong We have been working on textile finishing machinery for more than 30years.our excellent reputation and image are widely recognized among customers and manufacturers.
   focusing on satisfying our customer.we offer sophisticate and functional testtie finishing machinery making use of the advantages of the unlimited infomation and frequent exchanges of technology in Hong Kong.we have been conducting researchand davelopment on our products.We employ the most precise fabrication process tomanufacture every single component and assemble every machine seriously.thusreliability and quality is guaranteed working closely wth ourcustomers we are alsoable to keep abreast of the latest production requirements and then modify and perfectour product continuously in addition we offer excellent after sale services finally we are getting even move competitive by establishing new plant buying new equipment and acquiring new professionals


1.open width bleaching dyeing rrinting and finishing production line

2.dyeing-sizing machine and post treatment equipment for denim

3.Sampling machines lnspection machinepackaging machine

4.caustic recovery equipment for mercerizing

5.Rotary heat exchanger



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